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  • 22 Feb 2021 7:13 PM | Anonymous

    Six new members are joining the Provincial Child Care Council (PCCC).

    The council plays a crucial role in supporting the Province’s commitment to build an inclusive, universal child care system for B.C. families.

    “The Provincial Child Care Council is a vital partner as we continue to create a universal system that will give families access to affordable, quality and inclusive child care in every part of the province,” said Katrina Chen, Minister of State for Child Care. “As we enter the fourth year of our 10-year Childcare BC plan, we will continue to draw on the council’s expertise, which will help us build on the steps we have taken so far to make life better and more affordable for families.”

    PCCC members are trusted, confidential advisors to the Minister of Children and Family Development and the Minister of State for Child Care.

    “We are committed to listening and learning from the experts who understand what parents, child care providers, children and our community partners need,” said Mitzi Dean, Minister of Children and Family Development. “Members of the Provincial Child Care Council help us understand what our partners see and experience on the ground, so we can continue to build momentum on Childcare BC and make a real difference for families.”

    Joining the 21-member council are:

    • Sarah Kozlowski;

    • Vera LeFranc;

    • Kristy Maier;

    • MaryLynne Rimer;

    • Kulvinder (Kelly) Sidhu; and

    • Tyler Summers.

    The PCCC provides advice on the policies and programs that affect the affordability, quality and accessibility of child care. Its members are appointed from throughout the province and represent key partners in delivering universal child care: Indigenous communities, the business sector, child care providers, the education system, the non-profit sector and local governments.

    “It is an incredibly exciting time for child care in B.C.,” said Sandra Menzer, chair, PCCC. “I’m looking forward to working with our newest members to support the Province’s work to deliver a universal child care system that will make a life-changing difference to families across B.C.”

    Learn More:

    For a backgrounder with biographies of members, visit:

    For more information on the council and board members, visit:

    Individuals interested in serving on a provincial board can apply through the Crown Agencies and Board Resourcing Office:

  • 14 Jun 2020 9:11 PM | Anonymous
    1.       Virtual AGM:  As many know, we had to postpone our conference/AGM.  We recently held a virtual AGM.  For more information on that please read the post in this newsletter dedicated to that topic, including the decision to hold a virtual event should we not be able to host a full conference in the fall.
    2.       FAW Level 1:  Our initial plan to hold a virtual FAW Level 1 in June was postponed to July because SABC has delayed until then the release of their updated policy document.  As this is clearly a significant item of interest, we thought it necessary to wait until we can include that content.  The workshop has over 20 registrants so far; if you have not registered yet, it is not too late…this will be must have information!  Go to bccca.com to register!
    3.       Student tuition grants:  We are currently in the application window for programs starting between September and December of this year.  With the current COVID situation the ability to delivered regulated, strong employability outcomes in the current environment is paramount.  If you think you may have a program that fits that description and falls within the criteria below, please reach out to me at ceo@bccca.com.
    a.       Program costs total $ 10,000 or less per participant.
    b.       Program duration less than 1 year
    c.       Clients graduate into a sector of the economy in high demand
    d.       Ideally, the program can be delivered to a client based not currently well served by other means of funding.
    4.       Advocacy:  We continue to advocate with government and make sure the sector is being represented.  This is clearly a unique time and certainty is in short supply for all stakeholders but as and when things like policy become more clear going forward, we will ensure our membership is kept informed and that concerns are brought forward!
    5.       Membership Fees:  With the current situation we understand that membership fees have not been top of mind.  However, the association depends on member support so we are asking for those who have not renewed their membership to please do so…all of the above and more depends on your support!

  • 14 Jun 2020 9:06 PM | Anonymous

    Thank you to those who attended our virtual AGM.  It was unfortunate we couldn’t meet in person at our annual conference but as we all know these are challenging times and by next year, we all hope that meeting in person will have become the “norm” again.  But for those unable to attend, below is a summary of the key outcomes.

    •  On behalf of everyone, I would like to officially welcome Dave Campbell as the new President of BCCCA.  Dave has been serving in an acting capacity since October but by unanimous vote, he has now officially taken on the post of President…Thank you Dave from all of us for your commitment to our sector!
    •  Colin Boguski was reinstated from leave.  Colin had been a member of the board for some time but needed to take a leave of absence.  We welcome his return and look forward to his continued input and work on behalf of the sector!
    • Welcome two new board members.  Sterling Simpson is someone many of you know through Enrollment Resources.  Enrollment Resources has been an Associate Member and Conference participant for several years now and the board felt that it was important to have Associate Membership representation at the board level.  As an association, we value greatly the contribution and commitment to partnership Associate Members represent and we look forward to having their voice be a part of our efforts.  The other addition to our board is Sylvester Chen.  Sylvester brings with him not only a commitment to our sector through ownership but also significant experience.  As a former senior manager of International Education at a public sector provider, his voice will be invaluable in helping to drive initiatives in this all-important area!
    • The annual conference/AGM was due to be held in May but for reasons apparent, we had to postpone it until the fall.  However, the concern now is that even by the fall it may not be possible to hold a full in person conference.  The board felt that the potential of waiting until next year to engage the sector at large was not ideal and so toward that end, they have decided to plan for a virtual event as well.  As the planning process moves forward, we will reach out for your input…stay tuned!

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