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Virtual AGM

14 Jun 2020 9:06 PM | Anonymous

Thank you to those who attended our virtual AGM.  It was unfortunate we couldn’t meet in person at our annual conference but as we all know these are challenging times and by next year, we all hope that meeting in person will have become the “norm” again.  But for those unable to attend, below is a summary of the key outcomes.

  •  On behalf of everyone, I would like to officially welcome Dave Campbell as the new President of BCCCA.  Dave has been serving in an acting capacity since October but by unanimous vote, he has now officially taken on the post of President…Thank you Dave from all of us for your commitment to our sector!
  •  Colin Boguski was reinstated from leave.  Colin had been a member of the board for some time but needed to take a leave of absence.  We welcome his return and look forward to his continued input and work on behalf of the sector!
  • Welcome two new board members.  Sterling Simpson is someone many of you know through Enrollment Resources.  Enrollment Resources has been an Associate Member and Conference participant for several years now and the board felt that it was important to have Associate Membership representation at the board level.  As an association, we value greatly the contribution and commitment to partnership Associate Members represent and we look forward to having their voice be a part of our efforts.  The other addition to our board is Sylvester Chen.  Sylvester brings with him not only a commitment to our sector through ownership but also significant experience.  As a former senior manager of International Education at a public sector provider, his voice will be invaluable in helping to drive initiatives in this all-important area!
  • The annual conference/AGM was due to be held in May but for reasons apparent, we had to postpone it until the fall.  However, the concern now is that even by the fall it may not be possible to hold a full in person conference.  The board felt that the potential of waiting until next year to engage the sector at large was not ideal and so toward that end, they have decided to plan for a virtual event as well.  As the planning process moves forward, we will reach out for your input…stay tuned!

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