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Admissions Workshop

The details

Day: May 6th 2021
Time: 11am to 2pm (PST)
Location: Virtual. This will be a ZOOM meeting (don't forget to download the app)

In this workshop we will talk about...

  • Technologies and Practices for Digital Recruitment
  • Best Practices for Managing High-Performance Admissions Teams
  • How To Give A World Class Virtual Presentation

How to register

Click the "Register Now" button to register. You should receive an email confirming your registration. Closer to the Workshop (5 to 7 days prior to the date), you will receive a second email with meeting details and instructions.

Registration is FREE for BCCCA Members

Non-members pay a $50 fee (payable at registration)

Sessions / Event Content / Highlights

(all times in PST - Pacific Standard Time)

(11:00 - 11:10)

Introduction to the Panel

(11:15 - 11:55)

Technologies and Practices for Digital Recruitment

with Saj Butt

The global COVID-19 pandemic has reaffirmed the value of effective remote/digital technologies to connect with and nurture prospects through decision-making, enrollment, and beyond. Saj Butt will share the technologies and best practices that have propelled their clients to record enrollments during these challenging times.

(12:00 - 12:40)

Managing High-Performance Admissions Teams

with Tom King

In this session, we go through the key 5 pillars of managing great admissions teams. Key takeaways of this interactive session include:

  1. Knowing your KPIs
  2. Having a great system
  3. How to train your team
  4. Holding your team accountable
  5. Hiring RockStar Admissions Representatives

(12:45 - 13:25)

The 7.5 Untold Secrets of How To Give A World Class and Highly Effective Virtual Presentation

with Lexington Maximum

Most admissions representatives have been given a Zoom Meeting Room and a headset and told to enroll lots of students virtually with video; however, most admissions representatives haven’t been given any actual training on how to be highly effective while utilizing virtual video presentations.

The Art of Admissions was the first admissions training company in the world to give training to admissions representatives on how to give highly effective virtual video information sessions and tours and have been training admissions representatives on virtual presentations for over 13 years.

There are very specific skill-sets admissions representatives need to be learn and practice to become charismatic and highly effective video presenters which in many instances include different skills than those used to be a highly effective in-person presenter.

In this highly informative and inspirational webinar, you’ll learn the 7.5 Secrets that admissions representatives need skill development in now so they can become even more effective with inspiring more people to enroll at your school virtually.

(1:30 - 2:00)

Q & A: Breakout Rooms

With Saj Butt, Lexington Maximum & Tom King

Spend time with the presenters Saj, Lex and Tom as each will have their own breakout room to answer any questions you may have.  


Tom King


Tom has been involved in education admissions and marketing for the last 15 years and in sales, marketing, and digital media for the last 25 years. He focuses on evaluating and improving tactics within the marketing and admissions processes for colleges, to help them quickly improve their conversion rates and increase enrollment.

Lexington Maximum


Lexington Maximus is the CEO and Founder of The Art of Admissions, The Art of Admissions University, The Appointment Experts and The Lead Miners. He is an admissions expert, master trainer and keynote speaker on highly effective, leading edge admissions practices. The Art of Admissions works with schools throughout the world from The U.S. to Russia, Dubai, The United Kingdom, India, Africa, The Cayman Islands, Canada and beyond helping them increase their enrollments while making sure the schools are in compliance.

Saj Butt


Managing partner and VP Sales and Marketing with Great Exposure+CampusLogin, Saj has worked with hundreds of higher ed institutions during his 17 years with Great Exposure, a proudly Canadian organization and partner to schools across North America. As a specialist in branding, marketing, and admissions conversion technology, Saj enjoys building relationships and sharing his insights with school leaders.

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