Web Design - a Creative Career

Lucas Andersen

My education started at BCIT. I first took a PC hardware course. I quickly learned that was not the field of work I wanted to pursue. I looked at other options and found web development as something I wanted to devote my time to. I already had personal experience with web design so it fit perfect. I had mixed feelings with my time at BCIT and the web development program. The teachers were good, but some of the technologies were out of date. Every course was separate from the next. Nothing was tied in together with how to use everything as a whole. To get the needed credits some of the courses I had to take were not related to what I wanted to do. Also if I were to graduate from the program there would be no guidance after to help me start my career.

I gladly quit the BCIT program and looked for other options. I searched for "Vancouver web design school" in Google and found IAM Training. I was excited to find a school that had the same outlook as mine for what I wanted to accomplish. As time went by I found myself in term one at IAM Training. The structure of the courses were better integrated together. I found myself having fun learning in a new way. All the teachers have real world experience and bring knowledge of technical expertise as well. As with all the three terms I was given a real client to work with to develop a web site from the ground up. This provided essential experience of time management, communication, and practicing the class teachings. After the final third term I was quickly entered in an internship given to me by IAM. After with my diploma I started getting jobs which was the goal from day one. I am now building experience with good paying jobs. I have more content for my professional portfolio, and always looking for more opportunities in the future.

I have great memories and I have made great friends with both students and faculty. Thanks IAM!