Learning Opportunities
Members have access to important training and networking events. This includes regular Financial Aid Workshops that help train colleges to assist their students in receiving the help they need to attend courses. Our annual conference allows members to learn from industry-specific workshops, get updated from the latest developments in the sector, and provides networking opportunities.

Lobbying Activities
The career college sector faces a lot of regulation and administrative burden. With new legislation governing career colleges in BC, BCCCA is working hard to reduce the red tape and administrative burden on our members. As part of our lobbying activities, we host an annual Legislature Luncheon in order to promote the career college sector to MLAs.

Working to Improve Opportunities for the Sector
BCCCA works to enhance the visibility of our sector and provide opportunities for our members in order to further enhance the credibility of career colleges in the post-secondary education system. This includes media promotion, showcasing graduate success stories and working with stakeholder organizations to attract more business for our members.