Advantage of BCCCA Members

  • BCCCA represents the interests of our members to government and quasi-government organizations.
  • BCCCA keeps its members updated on new government regulations.
  • Access to the BCCCA Members\' Forums, News and members only information.
  • BCCCA represents the private post-secondary sector on Commissions and Committees where, in the past, only public sector representation was invited.
  • BCCCA assists in placing students when institutions close.
  • BCCCA provides opportunities for members to post information about job vacancies, space availabilities, transfer of school ownership and partnership opportunities.
  • BCCCA membership offers advance notice for BCCCA sponsored information sessions, conferences, workshops and networking events.
  • BCCCA membership allows for selected discount admission for sessions, workshops, conferences and networking events.
  • BCCCA membership includes participation in the Lyreco Canada/BCCCA group purchase program.
  • BCCCA membership provides participation in the Panasonic/BCCCA group purchase program.
  • BCCCA membership responds with timely and accurate response to information requests.


New School Members

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New Associate Members

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How to Join Us

We offer a choice of applying online or offline. If you choose to apply offline, please follow the instructions:

  1. Download and complete the form for School membership or Associate membership.
  2. Sign the Code of Ethics.
  3. Pay the membership fee according to the Fee Schedule.
  4. Mail the application, the Code of Ethics, and the fee payment. Payment is made annually.


The BC Career Colleges Association

PO Box 40528

11-200 Burrard Street

British Columbia, V6C 3L0